Hair Care at Home

You likely know that there are many things your hairdresser does during your appointment to protect the health of your hair.  For example, using a detangling spray to help comb it out after washing and avoid breakage, or deep conditioning your hair after a lightening treatment.

Many people can get away with minimal at home hair care when they have regular appointments at the salon or low-maintenance hairstyles.  However with the pandemic and the lockdown dragging on now is the perfect time to level up your home game with some extra love for your hair. 

How can you do this? Let's talk about it!

Serums & Oils 

There's many serum and oil options available that cater to different types of hair as well as different goals, such as increasing moisture, increasing volume or adding shine.  At home these can be applied immediately after showering (hint: most of these products will be useful in or after the shower!)

Creams & Leave in Conditioners 

If you don't like the oily feel or have naturally oily hair that leaves you worried about adding an oil based product consider a cream, which can have similar impacts without the oil.  Additionally, consider a leave-in conditioner to keep those locks soft and silky.

Deep Conditioners & Masks 

These can be applied prior to showering or while showering.  If you want to leave it on an extra long time you might consider doing your deep conditioning mask while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath. Like any product you can look for the mask or deep conditioner that suits your hair type and goals. 


Keep your hair feeling salon fresh and cared for even if it's just to look good during zoom meetings and other video calls while we all wait out this lock down.